Steel Mesh Doors Preston

Security Doors-Steel Mesh Doors Preston
Searching for the strongest steel mesh doors Preston has to offer? The Screen Doors team recently set to work on installing a set of doors for a client in Preston.  This double-hinged door was installed with a three-point locking mechanism which is without a doubt, the most secure multi-point mechanism available currently in the market. The locks that are used on this steel mesh door are Austral multi-point locks. Certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, this locking system forms a strong barricade against potential break-ins and burglaries. The aluminium frame provides impenetrable security, while the mesh frame made from a superior stainless steel mesh allows for unobstructed visibility while also allowing for fresh air to flow into your home. In addition, the mesh has no unsightly exterior fixings like screws and rivets, which make it impossible to be tampered with.   We here at Screen Doors understand that security for your home is of paramount importance. This is why we believe in providing unparalleled service for all our customers. If you’re looking to enhance the security of your property using steel mesh doors, give us a call today on 1800 556 506
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