Steel Mesh Doors Epping

Steel Mesh Doors Epping
Steel Mesh Doors Epping

Installed Galvanised Steel Mesh Door in Epping

Steel Mesh Door – Epping

This Steel Mesh Doors was installed in a client’s home in Epping. The client wanted both security doors and window roller shutters to improve the security of their home. The client also wanted the security door to be installed a meter away from the main entry door. We installed a galvanised steel mesh doors using an aluminium metal jamb which was attached to the bricks to allow the door to be secured a meter away from the main entrance door. Due to the increased crime rate in Melbourne, a lot of homeowners are opting for our galvanised steel mesh doors. These doors are made out of galvanised iron, 0.8mm in thickness. They are typically the most affordable security door option yet still provide a high level of security to a property. Screen doors are an amazing asset to the safety and look of your property.

Other benefits of our steel mesh doors include:

  • Automatic closing mechanism- designed to close by itself when left open.
  • Made from strong materials to help protect you and your family.
  • Increasing your level of security and privacy.
  • The added value to your home.
  • Provides a level of security as well as a fresh air to enter your home.


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See what a difference a galvanised steel mesh door could make in your home today!

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