Diamond Grille Doors

Diamond grille doors are capable of more than just keeping bugs out. As a cost-effective security upgrade, they are the perfect addition to any home as they are able to deter theft through added security. At Screen doors we offer an extensive range of classic and contemporary diamond grille doors that are stylish, highly functional and durable.   There are two types of diamond grilles i-e Single diamond grille and Decorative diamond grille. Both are strong enough and are 7mm in thickness. Additionally, we also stock a wide range of colours in both designs to suit the aesthetic of your home and your budget.   Purchasing diamond grille doors from Screen Doors is a worthy investment in your property‚Äôs privacy, security and exterior design. For diamond grille doors Melbourne, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team directly on 0412 229 981 or send an email to info@screen-doors.com.au to discuss our extensive range of security doors and how we can best accommodate you.