Melbourne Roller Shutters are Melbourne's leading manufacturer of Roller shutters offering the finest quality at affordable prices. We believe our product range to be the most technically advanced systems on the market for almost any application you might envision. The products available with us are premium quality with attributes that include - durability, utility and beauty. We use nothing but the finest materials available to ensure optimum strength and resistance to fading and weather damage. In our ever-changing world, we too are changing to accommodate our residential and commercial clients.

About Windows Roller Shutters

The aluminium roller shutters we use are mounted on the outside of the windows or doors and with us they are available in a variety of colours. These shutters are known by many other names, such as exterior rolling window shades, security shutters, electric roller shutters, roll shutters, outdoor shades, retractable shutters, motorized shutters, hurricane shutters, storm shutters, roll up window shutters and roll down shutters.

What Are The Different Types of Roller Shutters?

At we offer customers shutters that available under two categories –

  • Profile Types – The strength and quality of a shutter is judged by the percentage of aluminium content to it, more the aluminium better the strength. Keeping this in mind, offer its clients two profiles with varying aluminium proportion–
    • Extruded shutters – These are the most versatile and the strongest type available. Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties; they offer a Aluminum Extruded Profile of 1.2mm thickness.
    • Foam shutters – This is widely used and includes an aluminium foam profile of 0.38mm thickness.
  • Operation Types – Depending upon the mode of operation, this product includes -
    • Motorised shutters which is driven by tubular motors, which comes with a warranty of 5 years and a remote control that can be operated from a distance of 30 m inside or outside the
    • Manual shutters – Operated manually with a pulley, this product is installed in the aluminium box outside the window and its winder mechanism is installed inside the cavity between the plaster board and the brick wall. Our manual shutters are installed by using a metal cable not fabric straps through semi rigid nylon tube or by using a metal spring that runs through the brick wall, preventing the metal cable inside the wall from wear and tear. Thus, improving the overall life of the system and saves our customers from spending on rollers parts.

We recommend these shutters for many reasons, some major ones of
which include –

  • Cost effective security system
  • Visual deterrent to burglars
  • Easy installation and removal procedure
  • Lowers electricity bills to noticeable difference
  • Protection against noise pollution
  • Can be installed on existing window panes
  • These can be painted as per your choice, meeting your décor theme at an additional cost
  • Offers complete renovation for your existing home
  • Prevents accidental damage to windows

By dealing direct you can save huge on your pocket! Due to our strong reputation in the market, the prices that we offer to our esteem clients are close to trade costs. For homeowners, architects, remodelers and builders, has been the choice for quality, timely delivery and maintenance and we look forward to adding your name to our list of satisfied clients while passing the monetary benefits onto you with the added bonus of our friendly advice, fitting instructions for products and support service.

If you are in the building trade then talk to us about our partnership advantages to boost your business.

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