Frequently Asked Questions

01. What if I want to cancel my order?

If order is cancelled within 24hrs of receiving the deposit, there will no cancellation fee, after that there will be a 30 percent restocking fee of the order total.

02. What if I am unable to make the full payment as per the order?

If full payment is not made, Screen-Doors remains the right to uninstall its products and Scree-Doors will not be liable to cover any damages caused to the customer’s property while uninstalling the products installed by Screen-Doors.

03. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes,Payments can be paid by credit card at an additional surcharge of 2.4%.

04. Can I pay by paypal?

Yes, We accept paypal payments at additional charge of 2.4%

05. How long is the quotation valid for?

Generally, a quote is valid for only 2 weeks.

06. Can I pick up my doors and install them myself?

Screen-Doors is an online business, We don’t have any Wharehouses for pickups of orders but we can provide free delivery in Melbourne metro area.

07. What will be the charges for repairs or replacements after the warranty period?

There will be a $110 charge for any repairs or replacements excluding the cost of any product replaced.

08. How long is the warranty?

We give one year warranty on manufacturing defects in security door, lock and door closer.

09. Can we get all colors for the doors?

We have standard color range available on our website any special colors require powder coating which adds additional charge of $80 approx.

10. What is standard size door?

A standard door size is of 870mm in width and 2080 in height.

11. What if i have an oversized door.

We can manufacture and install an oversized door at an additional extra charge to the standard door price.

For any other queries, please email us at [email protected]