Electric Roller Shutters Epping

Electric Roller Shutters

Electric Roller Shutters EppingĀ 

These electric roller shutters were installed around the entire house of a clients home in Epping. After installing all the roller shutters we also enabled every roller shutter to be controlled with a single remote from anywhere in the house. Added security to go along with the security doors on a property. Electric roller shutters provide additional security to your home or office. They are typically installed very close to windows and doors making it virtually impossible for intruders to break through. While being a physical deterrent to intruders electric roller shutters also come with a myriad of benefits.


  • Weather protection Electric roller shutters protect your home from the elements, deflecting debris and other objects that might otherwise cause damage to your glass windows. The insulating feature of shutters also help regulate the temperature within a room, to reduce the impact of extreme weather conditions outside.
  • Energy saving – On average a home loses 35% of its heating or cooling through air leaks around windows and doors. Our electric roller shutters provide an additional layer to assist in providing significant energy savings. They allow you to manually control the temperature within a room by altering the shutter in a range of opening height levels. They are designed to retain heat within a room in the cooler months and protect your home from the sun in the hotter months. This means significant savings on your energy consumption from running air conditioners and heaters.
  • Noise reduction – Roller shutters also reduce and control the level of external noise by up to 50%, improving your ability to sleep and concentration levels.

At Screen-Doors we offer our customers a range of custom electric roller shutters options. Contact one of our experts online today to discuss the various roller shutter options we have available or to organise a quote for your home or office.

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