Single Diamond Grille Door Preston

Screen Doors-Diamond Grille Door Preston
Searching for the best diamond grille door Preston has to offer? Type of Job: This week, the Screen Doors team set to work installing a single diamond grille door for a customer’s rental property in Preston. Installation process: We decided to go with a single, 7mm thick, aluminium grille door with a fibreglass fly screen. The next important decision was whether we were going to hinge the door on the left side or right side when viewed from the outside. After deciding on a side, we worked through the necessary 6-step process for installing screen doors:
  • Positioning the door
  • Making hinge rebates
  • Hanging the door
  • Fitting the handle
  • Inserting the lock cylinder
  • Attaching the strike plate  
The result of the job: The installation process took approximately 30-40 minutes, and the customer was incredibly pleased with the efficiency of the process. The diamond grille door was an excellent choice that complemented the aesthetics of the exterior property, and provided additional home security just as the customer had asked for.   If you’re searching for high-quality and efficient diamond grille doors, then Screen Doors is the team for you!
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