Aluminium Security Doors Oakleigh

Aluminium Security Doors

Aluminium Security Door Oakleigh 

This Aluminium mesh sliding security door was installed in a clients home in Oakleigh. The client was looking to install a secure a sliding aluminium security door. We installed one of our aluminium security doors using a external tracking frame, allowing the client to move the security door from one panel to the other. Our Aluminium security doors offer security, airflow and visibility in the one product. There are many advantages in installing a aluminium security door, these include:  
  • Fire safety: Aluminium sliding doors offer a keyless escape system for homeowners this is due to a unique hinge system which allows an individual to remove the door with ease from the inside. This creates a fire safe aluminium security doors.¬†
  • Durability and low maintenance- Due to the robust nature of our aluminium doors, The chances of material becoming damaged or warn are low. Weather resistant which means they can withstand a range of weather conditions. Our aluminium security doors are also designed so that they can be removed easily from the inside for cleaning purposes and safety reasons.¬†


Browse our wide range of aluminium security doors or contact our experts online to find out what product is best suited to your home and budget.

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