Aluminium Screen Doors South Morang

Aluminium Screen Doors South Morang

Aluminium Screen Doors South Morang

This double mesh aluminium screen door was recently installed in a clients home in South Morang. They were seeking something sturdy and easy to clean, so we suggested having one of our mesh aluminium screen doors installed. 

Durability and safety

Our mesh doors are made with the most durable perforated aluminium. The perforated design makes it harder for potential threats to break into your home or office.  The design also allows for greater visibility to homeowners, creating one way vision from inside.

Low maintenance

Unlike traditional wood frames, aluminium screen doors require little maintenance, they are corrosion resistant and come with the option of different coloured enamel that is baked on and guaranteed to not flake off over time. This can save you a lot of time and money spent on expensive paints and brushes to restore your screen door. In the likelihood of a section of your door becoming dented or damaged, our aluminium screen doors are designed in a way that allows individual sections to be unscrewed and replaced.. This means that our customers don’t need to purchase a entirely new door if only a small section becomes damaged.

If you’ve been thinking of having an aluminium screen door installed in your home or office then contact us here and speak to one of our specialists who can guide you through our screen door options to suit your budget.

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